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Stanton Park Records Has Been Around for Awhile

Stanton Park began in the early 1980s by releasing records by bands revolving around a small group of Boston area musicians. Over the next several years the focus expanded, and dozens of records were released by bands such as: Willie Alexander, the Bags, the Brood, Head and the Hares, Kenne Highland, Medicine Ball, Rising Storm, Voodoo Dolls and more.

A small mailorder catalog and this web site followed to help fill in the long gaps between distributor payments. The catalog took on a life of its own growing to around 1500 titles at its peak. After 2000, with the shift to the aether, this site took over the entire distributon of the label and non-label mailorder items.

The site looks different…

After more than five years, I am happy to launch a brand new look for the Stanton Park website! And this one is kind of different than all that came before it. Just take a look for a second. Notice something different? Can’t put your finger on it? Read more here.

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