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Summer Special!

Free Record With Each Order from our Discogs Store

Back in “the day” we used to run a Summer Sale in July and August to liven up the doldrums of summer. We would knock a percentage off the cost of your order. Often there was a clearance section with even deeper discounts. We are bringing the idea of a Summer Sale back for 2024, but with a bit of a twist.

From June 1 – August 31, 2024 we will include a free Stanton Park release with every order from our store on Discogs.

What’s the a catch you ask? Er…yes, the fine print…

  • This offer is only good in the US
  • We pick the record
  • Offer good while supplies last
  • Offer ends August 31, 2024

There’s lots of good music to be found in our Discogs store, and we’ll also give you the chance to discover out a band you likely never heard of before.

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    Summer Special: Free Record with each order from Discogs

    Where is Stanton Park?

    Exactly where Stanton Park is doesn’t really matter. What it is, though, matters a great deal.

    While Stanton Park was created solely to release a record the Trodds in 1981, it grew over the next few years into a bona fide independent label releasing records by bands such as: Willie Alexander, the Bags, the Brood, Head and the Hares, Kenne Highland, Medicine Ball, Rising Storm, Voodoo Dolls, World of Distortion and many others.

    A small mailorder catalog and this web site quickly followed to help spread the word to enthusiastic record collectors around the world. The focus was vinyl, and for several years, no CDs were listed. During the nineties, the catalog, Vinyl Injections took on a life of its own growing to nearly 1500 titles at its peak.

    After 2000, with the general shift to the web, this site took over the entire distributon of the label and non-label mailorder items. And today, our store on Discogs handles all orders.

    This site is now dedicated to telling the Stanton Park story, from the bands, to the label to the ups and downs of running a small label.