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So, the site looks different, you say…

After more than five years, I am happy to launch a brand new look for the Stanton Park website! And this one is kind of different than all that came before it. Just take a look for a second. Notice something different? Can’t put your finger on it? Just browse around… The pages in the last section will explain what’s going on.

Records are on sale in May!

This is the first sale Stanton Park has held for many years! Unlike past sales that ran through the Vinyl Injectons catalog, this one will be more targeted. For this sale, most in-print Stanton Park titles will be deeply discounted during the month of May 2021. Just order any record from our Discogs store to get this discounted price. Shipping and handling is extra (sorry). Anywhere outside of the US, please write first.


So, Where Are All The Records?

If you haven’t been to this site for awhile, you might notice something missing. Records! Yes, hard to belive, there are no records for sale directly from this site. So where did they go? No, I didn't sell them all…yet.

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