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Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

Do Stuff Without Reaching for a Mouse!

To allow for faster viewing, I have set a small number of keyboard shortcuts which you can use as outlined in the following table.

~Home Page - This key is on the top left of most keyboards
?This page - keyboard help
sSite Map - quickly jump to pages
Left Arrow
Right Arrow
On pages with long articles, and larger photo galleries, you can scroll forward or backward through the article.Toggle front/back of record covers in overlays
Up Arrow
Down Arrow
Show/hide navigation for the current section (e.g. Label)
h, l, n, e, rOpen a Keyboard Menu for a section (home, label, news, etc, records).Important: If you enable “Single Key Shortcuts” in your browser (such as r for the Reader), the letter shortcuts may not work. Try adding shift to the key.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0Show a larger (color) version of a photo on the page. Look for the number in the caption under the photo. N.B. 0 is for 10Select a page to view from keyboard menu
EscClose Overlay or Keyboard Menu
SpacePlay/pause audio sample on pages with only one track
Select drop-down menu of records in overlay.