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The Bags

L. Frank Baum/Max Roach

The Bags - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Bags - 45 Cover

In the late eighties, a live show by the Bags was an experience not soon forgotten. Armed with a set of superb songs, and a great stage show, the Bags sound was a heady brew of Motorhead, Beatles, Hendrix and Fear. They blew through just about every club in Boston winning a record deal and a local Battle of the Bands in the process.

“L. Frank Baum,” named for the author of The Wizard of Oz, is the second single the Bags recorded for Stanton Park and the standout track from their third album, Night of the Corn People. A crowd favorite, this song takes you on a rip-roaring ride through the land of Oz as they follow Dorothy and friends on their journey to meet the Wizard. Any story this twisted (winged-monkeys anyone?) deserves a classic Bags’ thrashing. Tear it up, they do including a few metal clichés, and a quiet section which immediately precedes a hardcore bridge just to that prove they aren’t taking themselves too seriously. Run Toto Run!

On the flip, the Bags serve up an ode to drummer extraordinaire Max Roach. Except this instrumental track has very little to do with Mr Roach; rather its a small excerpt from Waiting For Maloney, also from Night of the Corn People.

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