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Willie Alexander

You’ve Got A Hard Time Coming/Larry Bird

Willie Alexander - 45 Picture Sleeve
Willie Alexander - 45 Cover

It would take a book to document the contribution and influence that Willie Alexander has brought to the Boston music scene. Since the mid-sixties with the Lost he has produced a body of work that is astonishing in both its diversity and depth. Yet, for all the different styles he’s explored over the years, he has always put his unique personal stamp on his work. You know when you are hearing Willie on a track. Though his music travels in many circles, inspired in part by what he’s listening to at any given moment, the backbone is always the rock ’n’ roll he grew up with in the fifties.

This single has him in that rock ’n’ roll mood, and here he pays tribute to two great local institutions: The Remains and Larry Bird (Celtics). On the A-side, Willie takes an old Remains song, reworks and updates it resulting in a version that is a perfect vehicle for his enthusiastic singing style. The flip, “Larry Bird,” explodes into overdrive (much like the subject matter on a basketball court). Featuring Steve Cataldo (Nervous Eaters) on guitar, this one starts off with some sharp guitar riffs then tumbles into a Baby-Please-Don’t-Go-on-speed riff that threatens to bring “Dirty Eddie” to mind. The wildest track this version of Willie’s band ever cut, and it ends with a bang!

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