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Band Spotlight

The Brood

Since He’s Been Gone/You’ve Got Me Cryin’

The Brood - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Brood - 45 Cover

The Brood were one of the really unique bands to come out of the garage revival scene of the early to mid-eighties. While they, like many other bands, were striving for authenticity, they came across as genuine while others sounded studied. Possibly because they formed in the relative isolation of Portland, Maine they were able to develop unhindered by the typical pressures of a big-city scene. Whatever the reason, they wound up with a style and sound, that while derivative, is clearly their own; equal parts vintage equipment, sixties fuzz-punk and the moody garage sound typical of many New England bands. Unlike so many of their peers, they stuck it out for years gigging all over the northeastern United States and releasing many records on labels big and small.

On this single, recorded in 1990, the Brood pay tribute to two New England bands from the sixties. (And really, who better to do it?) “Since She’s Been Gone,” originally recorded by the Connecticut’s Young Alley Cats, is a characteristic Brood cruncher. Propelled by the primal beat of Crystal Light’s drums, fuzzed-out guitar and organ, they create a wall of sound over which Chris Horne sings with just a bit of attitude.

The flip, a moody garage-ballad was originally recorded by the Mauve, and is reminiscent of some of the tracks from the Brood’s first lp In Spite Of It All. They have boosted the tempo a tiny bit and added organ to accentuate the minor key and mood of the song. Chris’ understated vocals contribute to the feeling of teen angst evident in the original. Produced at Fort Apache studios by Erik Lindgren, this single almost sounds like it was recorded back in the sixties. In a very good way.