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Rob asked the Trodds, “What are you going to do when you finish recording these two songs?” Without blinking an eye, or thinking better of it, the Trodds replied, “Make a record!”

The Stanton Park Records Story

The Trodds - Wild Child
The Trodds - Wild Child (1981)

Stanton Park started off life in the ’80s as a Boston area record label releasing 45s and LPs by local bands such as: Willie Alexander, the Bags, Kenne Highland, Voodoo Dolls, World of Distortion and plenty more. In the ’90s the label looked beyond Boston for such bands as the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Brood, Head and the Hares, Medicine Ball and ’60s garage legends the Rising Storm.

First Steps

Stanton Park Records released it’s first record by the Trodds in 1981. A second four-song EP followed six months later in 1982. Neither sold well. And with that, Stanton Park went into hibernation for five years.