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The Voodoo Dolls

Number Two/Crush On Me

The Voodoo Dolls - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Voodoo Dolls - 45 Cover

This single, released in anticipation of their debut album, Not For Sale, shows the Voodoo Dolls bringing their very energetic live show into the studio. Their sound has filled out in the two years since “Bad Feeling,” and is further pumped up by new drummer JR Roach. Like their previous two Stanton Park singles they place the solid rocker on the A-side and back it up with a pop-inspired garage number.

“Number Two” is the A-side here, and is in many ways a precursor of the higher-octane sound Evan would explore later with the Nines. It fits in nicely with the harder rocking songs the Dolls were performing live at the time such as the MC5’s “Ramblin’ Rose.” Though a live version is included on the cd version of Not For Sale, this studio recording is not.

Even though the mid-tempo “Crush on Me,” from the album, delves deeper into pop territory, it still carries many of the Voodoo Dolls’ signature stylings. From Cam’s throaty vocals and harmonies to the alternately jangly and distorted guitars that accompany him, this song was possibly the Voodoo Dolls at their most refined. Yet, even with the production, arrangement and the pop flourishes, this track (and the band) still remain firmly in the garage. “Crush on Me” still makes an occasional appearance on Muck and the Mires set lists (or even on YouTube).

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