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The Voodoo Dolls

Bad Feeling/Gone, Gone, Gone

The Voodoo Dolls - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Voodoo Dolls - 45 Cover

The Voodoo Dolls graced the stages some of the best local clubs for five years beginning in 1989. Mixing Evan Shore’s garage/pop songwriting with the energy of the Ramones and the strong stage presence of frontman Cam Ackland (Prime Movers), the Voodoo Dolls developed a blazing live show that won them many fans in Boston and beyond.

“Bad Feeling” is their second 45, recorded in 1990 when the band was firing on all cylinders. The songs on this one double the energy and volume of their debut and are about as close as they ever came to duplicating their live set in a studio. The driving punk sound of “Bad Feeling” is complimented by the slightly more melodic “Gone Gone Gone” on the flip. Live versions of both of these songs surfaced as bonus tracks on the import cd version of Not For Sale. Possibly their best lineup and definitely among the best tracks they ever recorded.

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