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The Trodds

Wild Child/Take Down

The Trodds - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Trodds - 45 Cover

This is the first Stanton Park 45; released way back in 1981 by a fledgling band known as the Trodds. Consisting of guitarist Aram Heller, bassist Scott Ferguson and drummer David Stackhouse, the Trodds had been recording demos for the previous year and picking up the odd gig wherever they could. This recording, originally hatched as an expansion of their ongoing eight-track projects, quickly morphed into a single with the addition of producer Andy Paley and guest keyboardist Erik Lindgren. Once recorded, however, the Trodds had no idea how to “get signed,” so not knowing any better, they chose to do it themselves and Stanton Park was born.

At a time when new wave and the emerging synth-pop were busy commercializing punk, the Trodds stuck to their instincts recording an overtly psychedelic record since Syd Barret and Hendrix were far more inspiring than Adam Ant or Gary Numan. However, Paley was able to convince the band to record the power pop inspired rocker “Wild Child,” which had a better chance of making a dent in the clubs or on college radio. The Trodds added their unique stamp to this song and the results became the A-side; power pop with a whiff of acid added as a “stabilizer.” While Paley was able to pull in the reins for a bit, the band broke away, and eagerly spent most of their attention on the heavy psych original “Take Down” resulting in nearly seven minutes of layered guitar, moody organ, wind chimes, crickets and other odd sounds popping in and out of the mix. If you like some of the out-there cuts on the Dose comps, this single should resonate with you. One tab, or two?