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The Trodds

We Mean You No Harm EP

The Trodds - 45 Picture Sleeve
The Trodds - 45 Cover

This four-song ep was recorded in 1981 as a follow-up to “Wild Child.” It shows what happens when four overly impressionable young musicians are allowed to roam in a recording studio unfettered by “convention” and oblivious to most of what is going on around them. If “Take Down,” from the previous single, was pushing into heavy psych territory, three of these four tracks land firmly in the psychedelic garden planted by early Pink Floyd, Cream, Airplane, Lothar and the Hand People and many others.

With the exception of “Country Club” (another unsuccessful ploy for radio-play) the Trodds went nuts in the studio, enthusiastically experimenting with vintage sound effects like backwards tape, vocal filters, sped up guitars and even a barking dog. While the songs were dialed back in volume, the weirdness quotient of the lyrics and arrangements went in the opposite direction. These songs can’t be compared to anything else specifically, or even to each other. However, in the midst of the unconvention that the Trodds excelled at was a band who was trying to develop some complicated ideas while slowly adding new influences provided by such sources as Pebbles. Subsequent recordings would show the band very slowly inching back to earth.