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Most Times/Hope You’re With Me

Slump - 45 Picture Sleeve
Slump - 45 Cover

In the early-nineties, inspired by bands like Nirvana and Mudhoney, a vibrant alternative music scene bounced back in the us from the somnambulism of the late eighties. Boston was no exception, and by 1992, keeping track of new bands or even pulling the proverbial needle out of the haystack was tricky, even for a dedicated music fan. Amidst the ocean of recently formed groups, too few were doing anything radically different, and songwriting had become all but forgotten in the gold rush.

Slump is a band that could certainly have been lost in that haystack had it not been for a chance show, and a few demos. While their sound certainly fits into the early-nineties alternative style, they stood apart thanks to their strong songwriting and garagey demeanor. This single, their second, pairs two songs recorded at different sessions — both with hit potential written all over them.

“Most Times” features a grinding chord progression that perfectly straddles the garage and grunge idioms. Cool drum breaks and an almost sing-songlike melody are layered on top. Simple, memorable and effective. Although “Hope You’re With Me” is the B-side, over time it has proven even more catchy than “Most Times.” The band seems more aggressive on this track, even tossing a glance at glam in spots. The production has a rough live feel to it which fits their sound and songs just fine.

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