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I Found The Enemy/Awake

Sensesurround - 45 Picture Sleeve
Sensesurround - 45 Cover

The band Sensesurround was formed by Fernando Avila after the demise of the Subskin Cables (celebrated by few and ignored by most). While similar to the Subskin Cables, Sensesurround tended to focus more on Fernando’s distinctive songwriting and singing rather than the long noisy jams of his prior band. This single contains early recordings, captured before the lineup had solidified (“I Found the Enemy” includes Sean O’Brien from Come on bass) and hints at the direction they would subsequently follow. After many stop and go attempts at establishing the band in Boston, Fernando finally threw his hands up, and moved to New York in 1996 where he is still making music.

“I Found the Enemy” begins quietly with just guitar and voice, but slowly builds into a more complicated arrangement with multiple guitars adding a counterpoint to Fernando’s vocals. The song continues to evolve, eventually morphing into a cool double-guitar solo that is a tip of the hat to the Subskin Cables.

The mid-tempo flip, “Awake,” again conjures up thoughts of his past work. The vocals and overlaid guitars create a dreamy mood that is broken up by the chorus wondering if your awake or asleep. The song changes key, and as Fernando’s vocals seem to fade away, a forest of guitars takes over. Like much of Fernando’s material, this song doesn’t appear to follow any musical rules rather it seems to just flow out of his subconscious. And that’s what makes it unique!