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Pyscho’s Psychopaths

Mr Harris/Aggimated

Psycho’s Psychopaths - 45 Picture Sleeve
Psycho’s Psychopaths - 45 Cover

David Arvedon has been making consistently unique music since the sixties. Beginning in 1967 with the Psychopaths, he wrote a song about Count Dracula named “Till the Stroke of Dawn.” That song had quite an effect on this label, inspiring not only a cover of the song by the Ladds from Bellevue but also the title for a discography of New England sixties garage records compiled by Aram Heller. David went on to have quite a career for himself as well — self-releasing many albums and writing dozens of songs from his unusual perspective.

After hibernating for most of the eighties, David returned to release three cassette albums in the early nineties. On this 45, he revisits two songs from those albums recording them with a new iteration of the Psychopaths. “Aggimated” was written in 1967 for the original Psychopaths but was not recorded at the time — the sixties may not have been ready for aggimation. David makes the best of it here, though, menacingly adding his signature vibrato-soaked vocals to a brooding, distorted guitar progression. His vocal range is far wider than one might imagine, and his habit of double-tracking vocals often creates some interesting harmonic combinations. On first listen, the pop-garagey “Mr Harris” sounds like it is the more accessible song on this 45. While the song is catchy, the subject matter and lyrics tell a darker story. Many of the characters in David’s songs are offbeat, and Mr Harris is no exception, nice melody or not.

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