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The Ladds From Bellevue

Relative Distance/Till The Stroke of Dawn

The Ladds From Bellevue- 45 Picture Sleeve
The Ladds From Bellevue - 45 Cover

The Ladds from Bellevue was originally conceived by Aram Heller to record this single. Enlisting the help of Carl Biancucci (Johnny and the Jumper Cables) and Bryn Carlson (Hackmasters) along with guests Chris Horne (Brood) and Erik Lindgren (Arf! Arf!), two of his favorite New England sixties songs were put to tape at Sounds Interesting Studios in 1986. “Relative Distance,” originally recorded by Massachusetts’ Fumin’ Humins, was released in 1967 on a record that is now impossibly hard to find. The original version begins with peals of Hendrixian feedback which introduce the verse and reappears for a mind-numbing middle section. The Ladds took that middle section one step further by adding a double-tracked Sonica solo.

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