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Kenne Highland/Doom Buggies

Guys Are Not Proud/Mystified

Kenne Highland/Doom Buggies - 45 Picture Sleeve
Kenne Highland/Doom Buggies - 45 Cover

Much of the Doom Buggies’ sound was inspired by Boston-area bands from the eighties and nineties. In retrospect, however, few of those bands wrote songs as consistently good as the Doom Buggies. Fusing perfect amounts of melody and guitar-crunch, the Buggies became one of the best power-pop bands in the area during the mid-nineties. “Mystified,” from an early Buggies’ recording, could have easily been a college radio hit back in the eighties alongside their idols. It’s a perky power-pop song that blends a heavy blast of guitars with a superb refrain that will permanently affix the song to your brain. Truly an inspiring debut.

Kenne Highland’s name should be familiar to many. Having done time with several influential bands during the seventies and eighties he built up a large repertoire that he continues to draw from. Very little of his previous work, however, compares to this track he recorded in 1996 with the Goody Goody Gumdrops. Here Highland and the Gumdrops taken on the Anemic Boyfriends’ novelty track “Guys Are Not Proud.” Rather than his standard “Iggy meets Watchband” style, this is a campy garage-reggae song with GTOs inspired vocals. A unique track from Kenne, unlike anything he has done before or since.