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Johnny and The Jumper Cables

Kielbasa/Georgia’s Skinheads (Must Die)

Johnny and The Jumpercables - 45 Picture Sleeve
Johnny and The Jumper Cables - 45 Cover

Originally Johnny and the Jumper Cables were only supposed to play 13 gigs in part because Johnny was “borrowing” Kenne Highland from his main band (Hopelessly Obscure). That’s not what happened though. They blew through 13 wild shows (and kept going), somehow recorded a few tracks that got local radio attention and wound up being included on a few compilations (Nobody Gets on the Guest List, Mr Beautiful Presents: All Hard). Not bad for starters. By 1989, when this single was recorded, they had also added an Australian single on Dog Meat Records and another one, “Death Squad of the Mind,” on Stanton Park to their repertoire.

Like much of their previous recording, these two songs straddle the line between punk and metal. “Kielabasa” brings AC/DC to mind with Johnny’s anthemic guitar chords and Kenne’s best Bon Scott imitation. Because Kenne did not play guitar in this band, he usually had plenty of opportunity for stage antics, and if you let your imagination roam just a bit, you might imagine the mayhem he could (and did) create with this song. The Flamin’ Groovies-inspired “Georgia’s Skinheads” on the flip emerged from a confrontation with a few members of the audience at one of their shows. Not quite a typical Jumper Cables song, but another one Kenne could use to full effect live. In their prime, these guys were killer live.