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Dog and The Acid Bunnies

Plan 3/Pistachio

Dog and The Acid Bunnies - 45 Picture Sleeve
Dog and The Acid Bunnies - 45 Cover

Dog and the Acid Bunnies was formed by Scott Ferguson (Trodds, World of Distortion) and became his long-running project which eventually morphed into Fin de Siècle as the millenium approached. His music went through different phases over the years, from Barrettesque psych to hard rock as the band name changed. While there was a more recording than live shows over the years, apart from this single, there were no other official releases from the band. However, much of the Acid Bunnies’ recording activity can still be heard on the Fin de Siècle site.

This single was recorded, aptly enough, at White Dog studios in late 1984. Keeping it in the family, Scott (Dog) recruited most of the Trodds as well as Dark Cellars’ refugee Tom Kelly to produce this garage/psych inspired single. Picking up a few songs he had written for the Trodds, this was the beginning of a very long, prolific period of recording.

“Plan 3” matches a straightforward garage-styled backing track with Scott’s melodic vocals which sound very British—or Barrettish if you will. However, like so many great sixties singles, it’s the B-side here that is the tour de force. “Pistachio” is a brief psych instrumental that breathes some fire. Unlike many sixties instrumentals that seem to be built on a surf motif, this one starts off quietly with a melodic, almost classical keyboard intro before the band explodes into a galloping rhythm complete with swirling Farfisa and reverbed-out guitar. Add a keyboard solo worthy of Mr. Manzarek and some fuzz guitar and you have a track that’s definitely not your standard instro!