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’Bald Guys

Teleport/Secret Mission to Spy Island

Bald Guys - 45 Picture Sleeve
’Bald Guys - 45 Cover

’Bald Guys appeared on the Boston scene in the early-nineties developing an unique blend of surf-inspired garage. Releasing several singles over their career, they reached their apex with a 45 on Dionysus in 1997. Post-Bald Guys, Rich and Bob found success in bands such as the Peer Group and Konks. Rich and Carolyn opened a record store while Rich continued designing record covers (counting Brian Setzer as a client).

“Teleport” strongly recalls any number of garage bands from the sixties who were trying their best to record a song that they had written in the basement. Bang away on a riff to get to the chorus, repeat, add solo and rinse! ’Bald Guys take this approach to heart and give it their all with each chorus seeming a bit more frantic than the last. A bit of keyboard help is offered here from a friendly Lyre.

“Secret Mission to Spy Island” shifts gears ever so slightly, sounding a more like a garage band at home playing frat parties. This track features a great sixties-styled reverbed-out guitar sound that pounds away on a driving two chord verse. Rich designed the cover for this 45, evoking the perfect mood for the music within.

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