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So, Where Are All the Records?

Where are all the records?

If you haven’t been to this site for awhile, you might notice something missing. Records! Yes, hard to belive, there are no records for sale directly from this site. Since this website first appeared on the web back in the mid-’90s, there has been a way to buy records from the site; whether label releases or later as an extension of the Vinyl Injections mailorder catalog. So where did they go? No, I didn’t sell them all…yet.

There are a few reasons why I have decided not to sell records directly from this site any more. The most important one relates to the changes to the sales tax laws in many states. Starting in July, 2019 many states started to require sales tax be collected on internet purchases even if the company doing business was not located in the state. Like many small businesses, keeping track of the varying laws, collecting the correct percentage and filing the taxes for each state swould be a large task. And for a concern such as Stanton Park that runs more like a “hobby,” this situation would be less than ideal.

The second reason, coincidently, also turns out to be the solution to the above problem. Most collectors have at least heard of Discogs. Since 2016, I had been listing more and more records on Discogs’ site. Sales from that site have been steadily increasing to the point that in 2020, only a few orders were generated from this site, while all the rest came from Discogs. And the sales tax problem outlined above? Well they set up a system to collect and pay the sales tax for all orders. So as I contemplated this site refresh, it made sense to leave the records off this site and sell them through Discogs. Let them deal with the accounting and order software headaches.

So then, where are all the records? I have a virtual store on Discogs and have to date posted around 90% of all the titles that were listed on the last version of this site. Alas, many, many titles that used to be listed in the catalog and on this site for years have started to sell out for good. And for the most part, I do not plan to restock them—even if I were able to. However, I have discovered a few titles that were never uploaded to this site and have been slowly uploading them.

To easily get to my store on Discogs, you can click the link at the top of each page. Additionally, throughout this site there will be direct links to corresponding records if they are available on Discogs.