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The Brood

BROOD “Since He’s Been Gone” b/w “You’ve Got Me Crying” 7″ 45

A fine new single from these Portland, Maine gals that rates just fine alongside their previous output. The Brood sticks to their 60’s influences tenaciously, and they don’t seem to give a damn that 1965 was 25 years ago. That’s all well and good by me as they have enough gusto and charisma to hold my infantile attention span just fine. Both songs are obscure covers (natch) and are both unknown to me, which is probably for the best. ♠♠♠ ½ [Scat Seven #3]


I wasn’t at all sure i’d like this all-female 6O’s retro band; their picture sleeve has then in flowery shirts, wide belts and shaggy hair styles. The only thing lacking are the bell—bottoms. (thank god!) And I really don’t ’groove’ on most of these 60’s retro things. I was way too young to clearly remember names of most of the 60’s songs/bands etc. so i usually can’t tell the new from the old anyway. But this band really has the spirit of such sixties greats as the Chocolate Watchband & Chesterfield Kings. ’Since He’s Been Gone’ even has a bassline reminiscent of Tommy James & The Shondells, only this lead singer is a female with sassy vocals. And ’You’ve Got Me Cryin" is a steamy love & heartbreak song. If you’re into the 60s retro scene, you’ve got to like this, because i ain’t…and I DO![Lil Rhino Gazette 16]

THE BROOD Since He’s Been Gone/You’ve Got Me Cryin’

Catharsis has always been an essential appeal of girl-group pop; sometimes the femme protagonist gurgles with a celebratory joy over her boyfriend, but all too often she’s left alone with her tears, wilting away. Portland’s Brood perfectly captures the fatalism of rejection on these two sides, one a shimmering, melancholy ballad and the other a surging, spittle-flecked rocker. Both delivered with a believable urgency that transfers to the listener.Fred Mills — [The Bob #39]