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About This Site

Our Story

Stanton Park began as a small independent label in 1981 to release a record by my high school band, the Trodds. The label grew over time, and has been on the web since the mid-90s. See here for more on the history and here for some screenshots of sites past. This version represents another overhaul in both appearance and functionality. Browsing, searching and ordering from the site are all much faster and streamlined thanks to many recent web technologies.

For Best Results, Use a Current Browser

While I have been able to try a lot of new design ideas, this comes with a price. Older browsers will not be able to render these pages as well. Most reasonably current browsers will render this page without problem. However, an up to date browser always works the best.

About the Icons

In the menubar above, and for the headlines of several pages I have utilized icons from several web-fonts. The site Fontello allows you to create a single font containing glyphs from several “dingbat” fonts. The result is you can use one font for all your icon needs. Please visit their site to see how this works. The fonts used to create the icons are:

A New Way Forward

Every version of this website was designed and built on a Macinstosh with a fairly standard set of tools (typically BBedit, Photoshop, PathFinder, Fetch). This update was also built on a Mac, but this time I took a completely different route. Over the past few years, I've been using Linux for certain tasks as well as a learning experience. So, I installed a copy of the Chakra distribution into a virtual machine on my iMac and went to work. At first it was slow going using a completely different set of software. But the Kate text editor and Dolphin file manager, in particular proved to be quite powerful. I did not feel that I lacked anything from the more feature-packed BBEdit and PathFinder. With some practice, and a lot of customization (keyboard shortcuts in particular) I found that I had a quite usable system that I was able to adapt (and adapt to) in ways that I didn’t expect.

Privacy Concerns

Over past few years, many have become aware and concerned with their online profile. While this site does use cookies and local storage, it is only to facilitate the site’s functionality and navigation. No data is used by or sent back to Stanton Park unless you email us or place an order from the site. We do not employ any advertising or outside services except for PayPal.