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2011 Stanton Park site

After a very long development time, I am more than happy to unveil the new Stanton Park website. The development went through many twists and turns over the past year from the original concept of a facelift to the adoption of many emerging web technologies. Because of this, some older browsers will not render the pages correctly but will continue to access the older site. See here for more information on browser compatibility.

Internet Explorer and Edge Users I am working through some Javascript bugs that affect the site when browsing using IE9 and up. Once these issues have been resolved you will be able to browse the new site using recent versions of IE and Edge.

What is Stanton Park?

Stanton Park started off life in the ’80s as a label with a small mailorder catalog which was mailed to whoever asked. As that decade drew to a close the mailorder had grown to be a significant part of the busines. This growth would continue through the early ’90s and by the dawning of the new millenium, mailorder became the business, as the label for all intents and purposes stepped aside. As the current decade is winding down, we have seen a rather startling development: with the increasing popularity of MP3 downloads, CD sales have predictably declined. However, what has replaced the CD is a rather strong renewal of interest in vinyl! Since this site primarily specializes in vinyl, we are quite pleased. (We still carry a selection of CDs and collectable fanzines from the ’80s and ’90s.) The story starts here…